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We build for long-term and design for longevity. We’re not looking for the cheapest countertop, sink, or flooring product. We are looking for the best product that suits the long-term use of the property. We are about quality over quantity.

All rental properties are concrete constructed with quality in mind. Not only do we procure sites, we also design, entitle, develop, and construct as well. We don’t stop there, however; Rich Properties is a rare entity in that we also manage the asset. This is where our "Standards of Excellence" program is exhibited to maintain the properties in their utmost condition for maintenance-free living. Thanks to this, residents enjoy luxury living at its finest coupled with world-class service.

We have been involved in the preservation and growth our Florida cities for over 50 years. Our reputation for contributing to stronger communities is reknown and we are constantly evaluating opportunities available in the market. Our business model sets us apart from other developers and management companies in that we take an active part in site selection and project management.

The team understands the growing complexity of bridging the gap between building and preserving a property over the long term. After years of experience, we enter each project with the knowledge that budgets and schedules will be met. Our relationships with contractors have contributed to our overall success. All variables have been considered in the pursuit of a project that meets and exceeds industry standards.


Careful research goes into the design of our properties as we find the best balance between providing what our residents are looking for today as well as what they will want in their home tomorrow. Particular detail goes into our building interiors because we know that this is where a family spends most of its time. The finishes are top of the line and provide the best experience functionally and visually. We also consider our amenities as the focus of our communities as a whole. We believe that amenities are the gears that keep a community active and supported.

Our services don’t end at creating beautiful homes, but we also live to breath life into our communities. Each of our properties are staffed with the best real estate professionals in the area, leaving our residents with the very best experience available. Our staff’s mission is to provide a comfortable and convenient rental experience. We are able to do this in the best way possible because we are the same people who built the community. The real estate landscape is one that is always changing from both the market side and from the consumer behavior side. With an average of 97% occupancy across our portfolio, we take pride in resident satisfaction and continuing to be a high performer in our markets.

We make a commitment to build beautiful apartments and make stronger communities. All of this started with a concept for community-centered living by our founders. We survey Florida cities and plots, looking for the absolute best location suited to build a life in. We know that our residents have high standards for their Florida lifestyle and we are sure to check back with these standards frequently throughout the process to ensure that they shine throughout.


We pride ourselves in offering well appointed locations that are surrounded by lush landscape and the best that the city has to offer, strong flow within the home to make our resident’s retreat effortless, and a strong amenities package to bring utmost convenience to the Rich Properties lifestyle.


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What Sets Us Apart

We deliver some of the most efficient, value-generating buildings in the marketplace. Rich Properties is a long-term hold strategy, which therein creates a preferred rate of return of 8% or more. One important factor is underwriting all prospective development opportunities on a 150 basis point spread in the pro-forma over consumption of existing inventory.